And then it got cold


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9 responses to “And then it got cold

  1. I wonder if copper headpins would look like that if they were encased in clear enamel?


    • Barb Fernald

      Cool idea! You should try it. I’ll check your clog for “frozen seaweed head pins.”
      I need a cleaner torch. My old oxy/acetelyne works for soldering, but too dirty for glass or enamel. Setting up to do that is on my “list” for this winter. It’s going by fast….


      • I think I will…as soon as I get the right torch. Mine are acetylene/air and butane. I’ve got Barbara Lewis’ book and I really want to try it. Just read her post about the Mapp gas recall issues so, I’m not sure when I’ll get started. For now, enamel on fs will have to do!

        Oh, and if the headpins do work out, you’ll get the first pack. :)


      • Barb Fernald

        I’m right there with you on the Barbara Lewis book. I’m dying to try the torch fired enamel. I didn’t know there was a Mapp gas issue….I’ll have to check out her blog.
        (How does anyone start anything new when there are so many blogs to read about how to do something new?)


  2. Oh yes. And it snowed.

    Thanks Barbara for your kind words on my post from yesterday. Fingers are crossed.

    Stay warm.


  3. took me a second to realize it wasn’t jewelry, but seaweed coated in ice! I love that you are surrounded by such inspiration! :)


  4. Seaweed never looked so good! It was 72 here yesterday, and I was a bit miffed that it was so warm in January, but seeing that ice made me rethink my position.


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