One of the many things I love

about visiting either of my sons is that they “get” my sense of humor. Well, most of the time. Hmmm. Maybe they wouldn’t agree with that. I don’t know why, but it is immensely reassuring to find this little item, (something I left behind on my first visit to Robin and Stephanie’s house almost 4 years ago) exactly where I left it!

(I gave all these tiny nuns away before I started using tiny toys as props in my photos. I haven’t found any since, but I am always on the look out!)


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4 responses to “One of the many things I love

  1. Cathy

    I always wondered why that toy was there. I never knew what it was since I never had glasses on when I walked by it.


    • Barb Fernald

      We miss you!! We won’t have a Trivial Pursuit rematch until we can all do it together.
      Just got back from a dinner at Woodberry Kitchen. Really good food. Make sure you go there the next time you are down here.
      I think you guys are smart to be taking care of Tim’s back. We promise not to have too much fun without you. Stay healthy for Hawaii! (We’re jealous.) xoxo


  2. That little nun cracks me up. I can’t tell if she’s praising, in a stick-up, or telling a class to settle down.


  3. Sally

    I’d go w/ telling the class to settle down. Maybe not quite so politely.

    (Who was the comedian back in the 70s who had one that might not have been about parochial schools, but had a teacher whose class was making noise. Teacher said, “Class……..Class! CLASSSSS!!!!! [silence] Thank you.” I don’t remember any of the rest of the routine, or who did it.)


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