Saturday’s excuses for not getting to work in the studio

We invited friends to come for dinner tonight. I thought I would be able to find time to work after I made the bolognese sauce:

But I still had sourdough bread to bake:

I remembered to throw some garlic in the oven to roast during the second half of baking the second loaf.

And still there was the house to clean and the table to set and a pineapple almond crunch pie to make.

Now I’ve posted my blog, I’ll take a shower, make a salad, and then people will arrive. That’s it. There’s my Saturday. I can’t wait to eat, and catch up with good friends. All in all some very good reasons to miss studio work today. It will be there tomorrow and so will I. Bright and early!


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10 responses to “Saturday’s excuses for not getting to work in the studio

  1. Lynn

    Lovely, What a great Saturday! x


  2. Susan White

    Great excuses and looks like a super yum dinner. Enjoy!!


  3. Why am I suddenly REALLY hungry? Lucky friends! You had a deliciously creative day outside of the studio! Wonderful!


  4. That looks delicious! I can almost smell the bread, garlic, and pie. :)


  5. holly

    you know how i feel about cooking… :o(…..that spread is IMPRESSIVE!!!


  6. Jane Barton Griffith

    Have yoiu posted your sourdoiugh bread recipe? What type of starter did you use..made from “wild yeast”..or fruits? and what type of flour? If so, I’d love the link and would like to look up. That loaf of bread looks superb….and that is a compliment from someone who has just finished a book on artisanal bread making!


    • Barb Fernald

      THanks Jane,
      I have not posted my sourdough recipe, since it’s not mine but the one from Chad Robertson’s book, Tartine bread. (
      I use a starter made from wild yeast that I started in my kitchen about a year and a half ago. I use King Arthur unbleached flour. Nothing too fancy. The trick seems to be baking the bread in a dutch oven that is preheated to 500º.


  7. Sally

    Pineapple almond crunch pie – not something I’d ever have thought of (it’s not chocolate, right?), but it sounds fabulous!
    From tomorrow’s piece (I’m clairvoyant), it looks like the studio didn’t hold it against you. ;-))


  8. Sally

    Was the garlic in the oven to send flavor to the loaf of bread, or was it for something else? They look impressive, but what comes next for them?


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