Silver rock beads continued

I was able to spend all day in the studio today, continuing my work on fine silver beads. As long as I have the precious metal clay on hand, I will work until I have a full kiln load.  I haven’t fired anything from this batch yet, but since I have been asked what the silver rock beads will look like when they are finished, I’m posting a few photos from previous firings.

Beads fresh from the kiln before being polished:

Polished silver rock beads:

Necklace of silver rock beads donated to the Ubuntu Education Fund auction for their New York City gala in 2010:


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8 responses to “Silver rock beads continued

  1. Those are beautiful and so unique. Your beach stone and fs stone beads really set your work apart from that of anyone else.


  2. Are they hollow Barbara? They are gorgeous. I love all the organic shapes.


    • Barb Fernald

      Yes, they are hollow. I make silicone molds of the rocks, and then make two halves that I put together.
      Hey, I hope you are feeling better. Are you home yet?


      • Oh I see. I am going to try an d learn how to make silicone molds when i get back. No, not home yet. Feeling better tummy wise but the pinched nerve is still, pinched. I have today and tomorrow to try and swim it away in the pool and then on Saturday the grueling 6 hour plane ride. That made my leg go numb on the way here. Not looking forward to Boston weather again at all. Going to make the most of my last 2 days here.


  3. Wow Barb, that was an incredibly generous donation! I love the organic look of those beads!


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks Sue. We were guests of good friends whose son started the foundation. It was a fun evening and I was honored to have something included in the auction.


  4. Sally

    Wow, Barb. Quite a difference polishing makes!
    Thanks for adding these pix. Quite a process you have.


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