Road sign

Today was such a pretty winter day. Sunny and still. I forget how warm 28º can feel when there is no wind. It was also the kind of day known as a weather breeder. Today’s high pressure system is going to suck low pressure right into its place as it moves out of here tomorrow. That means snow and high winds for us. I’ve heard a range of predictions for snowfall ranging from 2″ to 12″.  On the islands we’ll be prepared for boat cancelations and power outages. We’ll just have to take what we get because, “What can you do eh? Not much I know.” (A little nod to my Canadian friends Angie and Marly, that.)

I finished writing my column for next month’s Working Waterfront newspaper and went off island on the 11:30 boat to get my hair cut and stock up on groceries. I pass this road sign every time I’m on my way out of Northeast Harbor and it just cracks me up. I can’t even tell you how many times I have thought I should stop and take a picture, but in seconds I’m past the sign and dealing with the suddenly rough pavement 30 yards beyond the sign.  Today I remembered.


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5 responses to “Road sign

  1. SO good!
    right now we’re getting POUNDED with that snow….we’re up to more than 20″….and that’s on top of the 14″ from last week that never melted…the land around my house is virtually unrecognizable out the window! will go out an investigate soon!


    • Barb Fernald

      Holly, we are getting a mix of snow and rain with high winds. Pretty unpleasant, but not piling up yet. You win the snow award! Hope your snow day gives you some studio time.


  2. Susan White

    That is so funny Barb. Snow is really coming down now hard and fast. Plenty of projects here getting ready for Peter. See you for fun tomorrow night.xo


    • Barb Fernald

      Hi Susan,
      Snow here too but it’s hovering around 30º so it’s a very wet snow. Fun shoveling later on. I haven’t heard that the boat is canceled yet, so maybe the mail will come through at least. Glad I’m not going anywhere until tomorrow!


  3. It’s really snowed up here in Canada, too! We woke up to a big, fat, fluffy layer of white on everything. Very pretty! Just happy that we ran our errands earlier in the week and don’t have to venture out on to the roads today. Yes, a perfect studio day! Hooray! Hope this can be a relaxing and creative day for all of us!


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