Storm Report

Well, the wind is still howling but the temperature has hovered around 32º all day, so much of our snow was mixed with rain. It’s messy but not deep. Just three miles away on Mount Desert Island they have a foot of snow. We might have 3 inches. Go figure. Everyone had a snow day on the mainland, but that doesn’t happen on the island unless the power goes out. Which it did not do until 5 p.m. For the students at the Islesford School, it was business as usual.



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2 responses to “Storm Report

  1. Hope you are feeding those birds! They look like they could do with some nuts or something!


  2. Barb Fernald

    Hi Ruth,
    I love having you see my cold birds. We actually feed the real ones regularly. The chickadees let us know when the feeder is empty by sitting in the cedar bushes next to the front door and chirping at us until there is more seed!
    Luckily we have no squirrels on the island, so there is little competition for the bird seed. Except for the deer who like to visit the feeders.
    I love your bird a week challenge. Hmmm…it has me thinking….


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