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Hmmm…post a day from away

What can I say? It’s Baltimore, and we are quiet island homebodies visiting the city. Lots of activity and lots of laughs with our son, his fiancee, Bruce’s sister and her husband: Robin, Stephanie, Karen and Hugh. First Friday activities in Hampden started at 6 pm. Wine tastings, cheese, chocolate, shopping, and then dinner at the Dogwood restaurant. (Those of you who know me well l know that I remained, as always, ready to be the designated driver. All of my tastings were cheese or chocolate.)

Earlier in the day, Karen and I went to Williams Sonoma in search of a bench knife ( for making bread) because I decided not to try to bring one in my carry-on luggage yesterday. I did manage to bring some little containers of sourdough starter, so we could make some bread here over the weekend. I fed the starter last night, then fed it again this morning and now there will be enough for 2 loaves of bread and a “mother” to keep going whenever Robin and Stephanie want to feed it for more bread.

Also, earlier in the day, I scored some excellent new friends for the mischievous kitties. More jewelry photo props perhaps.  Then again, the babies look far too capable of plotting something dangerous when my back is turned, so they may not find employment so easily.



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