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Steps for another satisfying sourdough saga

1. Sneak some sourdough starter from Islesford into carry on luggage. Leave some “health and beauty aids” at home to fit these little jars into the allotted size tiny plastic bag for liquids.

2. Feed starter 2 times with flour and water, showing future daughter-in-law what to do.

3. Show future daughter-in-law how to mix starter with more flour and water to make bread dough.  Add salt and fold dough at 30 minute intervals during the bulk ferment stage. Talk about September wedding plans. Leave dough in Tupperware container while going to the movies.

4. Come home from movies, fold dough one more time then shape into loaves and let rise in bowls lined with flour-covered towels. Go out to grab some pizza at Joe Squared for dinner, making sure to spend time in the art supply store next door while waiting for a table.

5. After eating terrific pizza, come home, turn oven on to 500º and heat up cast iron dutch oven.

6. Place first batch of dough in dutch oven, score with something sharp, cover and cook for 20 minutes at 450º.

7. Take lid off dutch oven, be amazed that the bread actually rose like you wouldn’t believe, and let it cook for another 20 minutes with lid off, so it will brown up and finish baking.

8. Ta Da!

The bread turned out crusty, chewy, and fairly sour. Exactly what Stephanie was hoping to bake.  I love that this strong young woman is going to be my daughter-in-law, that she an my son are so happy together, and that she so thoroughly enjoyed success with her first attempt at sourdough bread.


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