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Airport Zentangle

By now, most people I know have heard of a zentangle. It’s a form of doodling that I saw most of my friends doing when I was in 5th grade (a moderately long time ago). Now it is back with a name, websites, blogs, you name it. It can be commercialized doodling or just plain doodling.  I’ve been wanting to try it , but I never found the time. Well, today, we were an hour early for our flight from BWI to Portland. I thought, hmm…this might be relaxing to try before the flight.

It really was relaxing and there is no wrong way to do it. I mean, it IS just a doodle.

(Relaxing, yes, but I am still an edgy flier so I still took a “preflight valium”)


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Working on Save the Date

Robin and Stephanie are making their own Save the Date cards for their wedding on 9-10-11. After watching the Super Bowl game we came back to their Baltimore house to work on finishing up a pile of cards. Well, actually Bruce and Stephanie worked out a system, and finished them up as a team.

One of the many things I like about Bruce, and Stephanie too, is that they are not above posing for a photo op.

Please do not be offended if you do not receive one. Stephanie has a very large family. (But if you are a member of Stephanie’s family you get to say, “Robin has a very large family.”)



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