Airport Zentangle

By now, most people I know have heard of a zentangle. It’s a form of doodling that I saw most of my friends doing when I was in 5th grade (a moderately long time ago). Now it is back with a name, websites, blogs, you name it. It can be commercialized doodling or just plain doodling.  I’ve been wanting to try it , but I never found the time. Well, today, we were an hour early for our flight from BWI to Portland. I thought, hmm…this might be relaxing to try before the flight.

It really was relaxing and there is no wrong way to do it. I mean, it IS just a doodle.

(Relaxing, yes, but I am still an edgy flier so I still took a “preflight valium”)


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6 responses to “Airport Zentangle

  1. LeAnn

    Oh, I do love this! I haven’t done a tangle in a week but I do find it so relaxing. Like you, I have done this sort of doodle for ages. No name, just doodling. Kind of nice to have it legitimized! You may find that it will work its way into you jewelry. I know I’ve got a couple of things that I’m working on that come out of ‘tangling.’

    The sour dough bread from previous looks fantastic. I love sour dough bread. I want the secret ingredients :-)


  2. hello, texture plate!
    did you ever get the photocopier to make tear-aways?


    • Barb Fernald

      Hi Holly,
      I never got the copier, though Jackie said to send her the copies any time I want and she would send me some toner copies. I haven’t worked on anything for textures, yet. I’ll probably ask her to do it again when I have some drawings. Then, if I think I’ll do more I might get the copier.
      Have you liked having yours?


  3. spiritinquire

    ooo i like this!


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