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Love these…

…ceramic beads made by Keith O’Connor. I purchased them a few weeks ago at the Beadin’ Path while passing through Freeport, Maine.

The size, the weight, the glaze and the surface texture all work so well together. I love the color. I wanted to create a metal clay bead that had some echo of this design without copying it, so I could combine silver and ceramic in a necklace. I was not sure what direction to take, but as I looked around my studio for inspiration, I found what I was looking for. A texture plate I had carved last year that could work quite well with the ceramic beads.

When I have not worked with precious metal clay for a while, I start back in by making beads. Sometimes the possibilities for designs still overwhelm me, and I can feel quite confused about what to start first.Today I was able to get right to work, making several shapes and sizes of  carved line beads. It was quite a relief.


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A day in the studio, at last

It seems, so far, I have found plenty of other things to do this winter, and it was a relief to get back to thinking about jewelry today. I have an abundance of things to inspire me, like components I have purchased from other artists on Etsy, that I plan to combine with my own handmade silver beads.

I am pretty excited about these glass headpins from SueBeads and the dark blue glass beads made by Dreamscapes Studio.

I love all the colors in the components below. Again some glass headpins, and some red glass beads from Suebeads, the patina-ted copper links and copper beads from Miss Ficklemedia, and way in the back are a few of my own copper and bronze beads, reminding me to find my bronze and copper clay and get to work making more of those.

I have also drilled some local beach stones, and they are ready to go for some new necklaces.

Unwaxed stones:

Same stones after polishing with Butcher’s wax, to enhance their already smooth surface, giving them more of a wet look:

It’s time for me to begin my 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. routine of uninterrupted studio time. I find if I avoid answering the phone, or starting any house work, and simply stay in the studio for 4 hours straight, I can be pretty productive and usually continue my studio time into the afternoon. I don’t understand why I have such a hard time disciplining myself to make time for something I love to do. Having a set schedule and telling people I am unavailable for those four hours helps me believe that’s what I deserve to be doing.

If you work from your home, how do you make the time to do it?  How do you keep from becoming distracted and drawn away by the day to day maintenance of your home, community, kids, etc? I’d love to know. Please leave a comment!


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