8″ of snow tonight?

Not my favorite spring weather report. It started before dark, with just enough light for us to watch the ground turn white again. But, cool beans. There was also just enough light to watch about 8 of my favorite spring visitors. The fox sparrows were hopping back and forth on the ground to find food, leaving little green patches where they had cleared the fresh snow.

I love these jumpy little birds. They are easy to identify from other sparrows because they are slightly bigger. They are fun to watch and their song is a delight to hear. (Click here for a link to hear it. Scroll down to “typical voice” on the left.) They are not around for long as they are just passing through on their trip north to Canada. Even when it snows, they are a definite sign of spring.

(None of these photos are mine. All are from Google images.)


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6 responses to “8″ of snow tonight?

  1. sweet birdie! she has a good shape!
    did you get the 8″? we got about and inch or 2 yesterday and are expecting more tomorrow/thurs (clearing out on friday-yay!)…


    • Barb Fernald

      No 8″, more like 4″ but it’s 8 a.m. and still snowing. At least it’s light and fluffy. 2 hour delay for schools on the mainland.
      Only 3 more days for you and me!


  2. crnbrycst

    Spring in Maine..gotta love it!


  3. Beautiful birds! I’ve never seen that kind of sparrow before; guess Texas is way too far south for them. Hope the snow stops soon and spring comes quickly.


    • Barb Fernald

      It’s still “springy” for here. Even with the snow. It’s already melting and the roads are bare. It looks like the Fox Sparrow might winter in eastern Texas.


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