Really random photo post

I succeeded in procrastinating with my writing until this morning, going well into the afternoon before I had my 1000 words in a tidy package to send to my editor. I write on my old computer, which is slow for almost everything, but I just like my old Appleworks program for writing. I guess it’s like writing on an old typewriter. I can find so many things to distract me every month, but ¬†unfamiliarity is not one of them.

The old computer has my TextTwist game on it, which is what I use to step away from the task at hand without stepping away from my chair. The other thing my old computer has is old photos. Rather than work harder to come up with something to post on my blog, I’m going to declare myself done with work for the day and post a random collection of the photos that were part of my at-the-desk distraction.

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  1. crnbrycst

    These pics are great Barb. That was one big mother lobster! xo


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