Why do people groan when I say….

…let’s take a group picture!!!

Standing: Me, Kelly, Meghan, Fritz       Seated: Bruce, Robin, Stephanie

With the seven of us distributed among two cities and one island, it’s rare to get the opportunity  for a group photo. Before Bruce and I left to catch the ferry in Northeast Harbor, I gathered up “the kids” and Bruce’s sister Kelly  for a timed photograph. Everyone was actually pretty cooperative. The groans came when I wanted to take the third and fourth shots. (Hey, somebody’s got to do it right?  And this was shot #3.)

Of course, once I got the group shot, I really wanted one of Robin, Stephanie, Meg and Fritz. Thanks you guys. Now, even though we can’t be with you, we get to see you whenever we want.

Meghan was wearing a pretty cool apron as she rustled up some Italian scrambled eggs. Bruce posed happily for a photo. He said, Meg needed a six gun to go with her apron. She was fast on the draw with her weapon.

We got back to Northeast Harbor at the same time as our neighbors David and Cindy, so we caught a ride home with them. (Earlier than the mailboat.)

So did several others.


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8 responses to “Why do people groan when I say….

  1. holly kellogg

    great pics…especially of the “kids”….your idea and my idea of “catching a ride home” is so different!!! missing you like crazy…when are the waterloo girls coming to town? i want to gaze at my calender and fantasize about running away from home and joining the circus, oh i mean little cranberry party!


    • Barb Fernald

      Oh, I miss you too!! A lot! The Waterloo girls will be here sometime near the end of June. It would be so much fun if you could be here too. I know, the only way that will happen is if there’s an airline strike.) I’ll let you know when I know the date.
      Good luck with the big Monday after vacation tomorrow. xoxo


  2. Nobody likes the posing but everyone enjoys the photos. What a treasure to have all your “kids” in one shot, looking so happy behind that sunny yellow wall. That’s definitely a keeper!


    • Barb Fernald

      I had my camera set to take several shots in a row while I held down the shutter. They were laughing about that, and I ended up with a good photo out of several with eyes closed etc. Robin and Stephanie (on the left) are getting married in September. There will be plenty of posing then!!


  3. LeAnn

    I am one of those who groans when the group photo comes up. But I also appreciate it when I have those treasures of family time. Great photos.


    • Barb Fernald

      I hate getting home from a gathering like that and wishing I had some photos. Or looking for photos of the boys only to find out my most recent ones are two years old. So, now I push for the photo op. Groans and all. I’m always glad I did.


  4. crnbrycst

    I know about the groans too. Barb Stainton was the biggest groaner of all until she got a calendar last year with pics of her and Lilo and a few others. She whistles a different tune now and actually herds people together for the picture!!! Great pictures of the family. Always nice to catch that other ride back to the island too! xo Susan


    • Barb Fernald

      You know it about that unexpected earlier ride home! Funny story about Barb. I love what you do with everyone’s pictures. Did you get to see any sun today? I saw about an hour’s worth with Mom in Bar Harbor.


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