Matching up another glass bead

I bought this handmade glass bead at the first PMC conference I attended in 2006, at Purdue University. I wish I could remember who made it. It has bounced around my studio for 5 years, as I have thought about ways to use it in a necklace. When I started  making more asymmetrical necklaces and had a new supply of drilled beach rocks, I brought out the glass bead for another try.

I’m happy with the way the silver PMC beads, the cream colored beach stones, the patinated copper, and the discs of turquoise echo the colors in the glass bead.

Today’s post is a short one. I’m visiting my friend Susie in New York and we spent the day looking for a dress for me to wear to my son Robin’s wedding in September. (Hey, after watching the royal wedding we were in the mood!) I scored at the third store we tried. But now we are both tired. Tomorrow, some shopping for lamb sausage, fresh mozzarella, etc. on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. We may nip into Manhattan for a few hours at the Museum of Arts and Design. We’ll see….


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10 responses to “Matching up another glass bead

  1. holly kellogg

    dear asymmetrical goddess,
    this is beautiful!
    glad to hear you found a dress (i HATE dress shopping)!
    have fun today!


  2. Barb Fernald

    We are having fun. If you were here with us you would be having fun too. I also hate dress shopping, so I am glad to have it over with. We even went to a great store in Rye Brook called Dusty Rose to find the proper undergarments to go with the dress. (If you ever need to be fitted for a bra etc. the women who work there have been doing it for years and they have great stuff!!)


  3. LeAnn

    Oh, my but you have been busy. The first thing I noticed was how your stones and turquoise pulled the colour of the lampwork bead. This necklace has a very lyrical quality to it. Dress shopping is my worst nightmare. Congrats on finding one so quickly!


    • Barb Fernald

      So glad the dress shopping is done! Nothing like trying on a lot of clothes after a long winter and a few pounds gained to make me feel crummy about myself! The only thing worse would be trying to find one in Maine on my own!


  4. crnbrycst

    Lovely necklace Barb. Amazing how one bead can produce its own theme. Congrats on the dress and other garments. Nice to have that part done..check!


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks Susan. I’m happy with how they all came together. I’m happy to have new “other” garments to go with the dress.


  5. Cheryl Roe

    That necklace is drop dead gorgeous.


  6. Nice! I enjoyed reading about your trip, as well!


  7. I love that bead. Works so well with all the others. Glad you found a dress! Pretty good going for the third store.


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