What a winter

I’m not complaining about the snow…yet…What would be the point? It seems everyone is getting dumped on this year. We’re just trying to be flexible with travel plans. We were going to fly to Baltimore tomorrow night to stay with our son, Robin, and his fiancee Stephanie for a few days. As we watched the weather reports yesterday, we decided to go with plan B, and try to get out of Portland early tomorrow morning, before the storm started. That would have meant leaving the island at 11:30 today to drive the 3 hours to Portland, to stay in a hotel to catch a 6 a.m. flight. When snow and slick driving were predicted for this afternoon, and the big storm was moved up to arrive tomorrow morning, we found a plan C . We changed flight plans again and we’ll leave from Portland on Thursday at 5.

Plan C gave me time today to add some items to my Etsy page. Tomorrow I’ll add a few more before I pack. Not such a bad deal, though it looks like we might miss out on getting to the theater with Robin and Stephanie on Thursday night. Anyone looking for tickets to the Thursday night show of Jersey Boys at the Hippodrome in Baltimore?  Let me know and I’ll put you in  touch with my son.

Meanwhile, if you’re snowed in tomorrow, you can always go shopping on Etsy!

Tomorrow’s BIG snow has not even started yet.


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6 responses to “What a winter

  1. Love the snow art! Stay warm.


  2. LeAnn

    We are having the TX equivalent of snow days, 2 in a row. Late start for the uni with only a couple of inches of snow. But it is bitter cold with wind here. Even the hot water pipe is now frozen our kitchen.


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the jewelry!


  4. Barb Fernald

    Hey, thanks to blogging I now know two cool people in Texas!
    We’re having a blizzard for sure. All schools are closed in the area except ours! Since it’s a tiny school on a tiny island, everyone can walk there. The only time school gets canceled is if the power goes out.


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