Many little parts…

…made for a whole good day.

It was Thursday, matinee day. Before I left the house to catch the 11:30 boat, I packed as much as I could into the morning. I made a double batch of almond macaroons and a batch of chocolate sorbet to cool in the fridge (so I could put it in the ice cream freezer after I returned home on the 5 p.m. boat). I mixed up dough for 2 loaves of sourdough bread, ran and emptied the dishwasher and emptied the compost bucket. I might have done more but for the fact that there was a lot of activity at the bird feeder. I kept stopping to grab my binoculars. Chickadees and nuthatches were there as the usual loyal suspects, but they had friends; winter visitors who don’t show up every year. Redpolls!

There seemed to be a few hoary redpolls mixed in, (though they were pretty well behaved.)

On the ground, there was also a female white-winged crossbill. A bird with a serious overbite. It was a good morning for birdwatching from the kitchen sink.

And then off I went to see “The King’s Speech” with my Mom, who loved it as much as I did, which made for a perfect afternoon.



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6 responses to “Many little parts…

  1. dang, you sure know how to get things done…and hangin’ out with hoary friends, too?! life’s good over there!!!!


  2. There’s nothing like sweet little birds to brighten up your day! And its always exciting to spot new kinds! We have a beautiful red cardinal who likes to come to the maple tree and sing us a cheery song. Always puts a smile on my face!
    We loved the King’s Speech, too! Hope it gets lots of Oscars on Sunday!
    mmmm….almond macaroons….sounds delish!


  3. crnbrycst

    Sounds like a great day. What do you feed your birds..where do you get it? We are only attracting Am. Tree Sparrows, blue jays, and Chickadees. what’s our problem? We had scads last spring. Can’t figure.


    • Barb Fernald

      Black oil sunflower seeds. I usually just buy them at Brown’s in N.E. Harbor. But I did just pick up a bag at Feed and Seed last time. I don’t think the price difference was worth not supporting the local business. We usually just have the chickadees and the nuthatches. All the really cool birds hang out at the post office where Joy has about 10 feeders with a variety of seeds. Thistle, sunflower, and hanging baskets of suet.
      The redpolls are not usual visitors. But today there were twice as many. I’ll send them over your way!


  4. Beautiful birds! And wow, you’re impressively productive. Wasn’t sure if I was hungry or tired after reading about your industrious morning. Maybe both!


  5. Susan White

    Thanks Barb. We just bought bags of sun flower seeds to add to the other mix. I want to get some thistle seed next.
    I was happy to see that I am not, as I already knew, the only person who thinks you are super productive. This applies even if you are moving in slow motion!


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