Stormy Sunday

We listened to pounding surf all night, accompanied by high winds and rain. It was quite the spring storm for the first half of the day.

Gilley Beach at 10 a.m. high tide:

It was a perfect morning to go to Dan and Cynthia’s for cottage cheese pancakes with friends:

Then we went over to the Co-op to pick up some crabs for appetizers (before lobster risotto for dinner.)

Notice how quiet the water is in the harbor? It’s pretty well protected from those easterly winds. Bruce is hamming it up with the crabs.

Co-op ramp:

Somehow the seagulls totally missed this piece of bait dropped on the ramp. I’m glad I didn’t. The spontaneous composition really appealed to me.

Gilley beach at the end of the day. Low tide, less wind, and clearing sky.


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10 responses to “Stormy Sunday

  1. The fish pic matches your blog banner too!


    • Barb Fernald

      You funny! I loved that fish on the metal ramp with the green water beneath it. You and I must be on the same schedule. I only just posted this!


  2. The fish photo is the best!


  3. Helen Dudman

    Thanks for sharing your Sunday on Islesford. Helen


    • Barb Fernald

      Hi Helen,
      It was really windy for a while! I’ll be sure to post something from my trip to Susie’s in two weeks. I’m looking forward to lunch on the 6th!


  4. crnbrycst

    What a great big round table at the Lief’s! Loved hearing all about the day. Crabs looked great too.


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