Some days are busy…

…with little to show for it. Today was one of those days. I worked on some earrings using some of the patina-ted components from last week. I test wore one pair of the earrings (with the thin leaves) but I still want to tweak the design a little before I photograph them. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day for that.

I balled the ends on 120 pieces of silver wire, a mix of 22 gauge and 20 gauge, to use for head pins. I also balled the ends of 54 pieces of copper wire, same mix of gauges. I drilled some rocks, and went for a long walk on the beach to find more.

Bruce warmed up the leftover lobster risotto for dinner, and made a salad of  kale, romaine, strawberries, goat cheese and cucumber. Pretty darn tasty! Then we watched, “Waiting for Superman,” a very well done documentary about the state of our schools in the U.S.

The day was a very productive one, but I find I have little more to say about it, and no photos of the work I accomplished. So, here’s a scene from my walk yesterday.

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  1. Susan White

    I have days like that too. Busy but nothing to write home about in my opinion. I guess we all do. Dinner sounded yummo! xo


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