I am not a morning person

I used to be able to wake up early and get right out of bed. Somewhere along the way I turned into a night owl. I am wide awake at 10 p.m. which is one of the reasons I post my blog so late. In the morning I like an hour to myself, without noise or conversation. (Hmm…that’s one of the reasons I stay up late at night; time to myself without noise or conversation.)

I keep thinking I would like to get up earlier. I know I feel good when I start my day with a walk. I know it’s a way to start shedding some of the extra winter weight I’m carrying. But I’m SO good at hitting the snooze alarm, cat-napping my way through another hour in bed.

This morning the tide was at its lowest at 6:11. We had very heavy seas on Sunday. This was the perfect morning to walk to the “station” and have a chance to see what might have landed on the beach from the stormy weather. I managed to get out of the house by 6:45, dragging myself all the way to the front door.

Before I even made it down my front steps I was happy to be outside.  The spring smell of things turning green hit me right away. I could hear at least 10 different kinds of birds singing as I walked down the road to the beach. While it wasn’t  a sunny morning, the rain had stopped and there was no wind, so it really wasn’t  too cold. As I stepped onto the beach, two great blue herons flew overhead on their way to a tide pool for some breakfast.

I was glad to have my camera with me. The next time I take an early morning walk, (tomorrow?) I want to bring my binoculars. I heard a bird call I didn’t recognize, and this time in the spring, before the leaves come out, is the best time for getting a good view of warblers.

I was not the only one who was out early on the low tide sand. Deer tracks!

I liked the way this piece of seaweed looked like some sort of sea insect.

And the way the photographer’s shadow was distorted by the wet sand.

A large section of the beach was covered in kelp tossed up by the storm. (In the background, the old U.S. Life Saving Station. Now a private dwelling.)

Rather than walk through all of that, I left the beach and continued my walk on the road. As I stepped over the top of the bank, I saw another sign of the recent storm. This seaweed lined trail of sand, left when the high tide overflowed.

Today was a good day to be a morning person.


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6 responses to “I am not a morning person

  1. I’m the same way. I love, love love my snooze alarm!
    But when I get up and get outside early, I’m happy the same way too. It’s just the getting up that’s hard!
    Beautiful photos from today – I like the seaweed “insect”!


    • Barb Fernald

      Haha. I can’t use the snooze alarm when my husband is sleeping in. It drives him nuts!
      Why is getting up so hard when getting out feels so good?!


  2. holly kellogg

    how about i give you a wake-up call at 6am on all weekdays?! (just kidding!)


    • Barb Fernald

      You can’t do that because then we would become phone people and you would be late for work and I wouldn’t go outside because we would talk to much! I always have Bruce wake me up before he goes out fishing, just for the pure joy of going back to sleep for another hour!


  3. Love the photos! I am a morning person, and I tend to blog first thing in the a.m. But I’m useless after about 10:0 p.m.!


    • Barb Fernald

      I always love that you blog first thing in the morning. That’s when I am apt to read your blog. I’m useless after 10 if we have people around. Once they leave I’m wide awake again! But, I just might be able to change my body clock if I keep getting up earlier.


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