More PMC bead asymmetry

Another of the necklaces I made this week. Another rainy day photograph.

This necklace shows a little history of my bead making with precious metal clay. The toggle clasp and washer beads are from this year, and most of the others were made in previous years. The beautiful round patinated copper beads are from Shannon LeVart of Miss Ficklemedia. Her range of patinas inspired me to find some of my own copper components to try my hand at patina. The smaller, flat oval-shaped beads are from my first attempts with Shannon’s Verdigris patina.

There are beads in this necklace that were formed over a Cheerio core. A round bead formed over a ball of wax, and two beads from the series I made for my entry to the Saul Bell Design Competition in 2006.

Making beads is one of my most favorite things to do!


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4 responses to “More PMC bead asymmetry

  1. i like rainy day photos….
    oh, and i like your beads, too!


  2. LeAnn

    A cheerio core? That’s so inventive. I really like this rather ecclectic mix of silver beads and I especially love the contrast with the verdigris patina.


    • Barb Fernald

      From the “old” days. Before I knew more about making hollow forms without cores. I really like the silver with the verdigris too. I’ll be using more copper with hints of silver as the price of silver keeps going up. Hard to believe I was moaning about it being $35 an ounce at the end of February. Now that seems like a bargain!


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