Cleanup confusion

How is it that I have a box and a bag full of books to go to Goodwill, a silver chest to take to my son (I hope), and a reduced and organized box of birthday cards and notecards, and it still looks like I have the same amount of stuff to put back in the bookshelf? Even my husband said, this afternoon, “This doesn’t look any different…really.”

Well, now I’m just about finished with the job, and Bruce and I are going to watch a movie. So, in the interest of blog a day or post a day not being BLAH a day, here’s one of my first digital photos and still one of my favorites.

Charlie’s poppies.


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3 responses to “Cleanup confusion

  1. LeAnn

    I love poppies. They always remind me of my mother in law who had a beautiful little garden spot full of them.

    I am facing the same thing with packing up books and such to go out to the Goodwill. It just seems like I make a teeny dent in the surface. I do love books especially. They are so hard to let go.


    • Barb Fernald

      Books and paper stuff. I have so many notecard projects in my head it was good to see where all the supplies were and put them in one place, even if I’m not ready to let go of some of that yet.
      I keep telling myself how efficient I’ll be when I get this kind of stuff done.


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