Bruces lobster buoys?

All painted.

A big block of his winter work is done. 750 buoys painted. (Also 100 new traps built.) When I came home this afternoon, from a long day off island, running errands and spending time with my mother, I walked in to see the results of Bruce’s post painting energy. He had vacuumed and dusted the whole house. What a guy!  (I know. I’m one of the lucky ones.)



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4 responses to “Bruces lobster buoys?

  1. holly k

    Oy! How does he even tackle that job? Does he do all the red at once, or does he paint each one entifrely? Weird, I know, but I’m curious about people’s processes…he’s wonderful-when I’m done working I lay down rather than doing more work!


    • Barb Fernald

      He sands a bunch, first, to take off any chips and to rough up the old paint surface. Then he paints the white first. That’s the largest part and it takes longer to dry. The next day he’ll paint the black and sometimes paint the red in the afternoon. He has room to hang about 80 in the shop at one time. So he starts in January and works his way through steadily. It’s an annual relief when his painting is done. He’ll still look over 800 traps, make repairs and have them ready to set out starting in March. It sure was a treat to come home to a clean house. But, lest you think he’s perfect…he left the bathroom for me to clean!


  2. crnbrycst

    But how does he get the lines between the paint so nice looking? He surely doesn’t mask them all. You are a lucky girl. I am too. Chris vacuumed this morning before heading off for a bird photography course with his new camera.


  3. Barb Fernald

    Years of practice! he doesn’t mask them. But I bet there are some people who might. he just has a steady hand or they are not so straight in a close up./ As long as they show up on the water.
    Yay for Chris and vacuuming. And future bird photos!
    We are both lucky.


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